Department of Computer Science


The department comprises three distinct research groups: Database, Programming and Web Technologies, Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems, and Human-Centered Computing. The division in 3 groups reflects the department’s research profile and the decentralized responsibility for research, planning and teaching. The research group forms the basic social environment for the individual researcher. 

Head of Department

The Head of Department is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the department, including planning and distribution of work while observing rules of proper governance.

The Head of Department must ensure quality and coherence in the research and teaching activities of the department and ensure that the department is capable of providing research-based teaching to the relevant study programmes. The Head of Department must, together with relevant programme directors and study boards, follow up on evaluations of study programmes and teaching within the areas in which the department provides teaching resources.

The Head of Department conducts yearly employee interviews (MUS) with permanent scientific staff members.
Head of Department: Kristian G. Olesen


Research Leaders

Full professors (from left): Christian Søndergaard Jensen (DPW), Torben Bach Pedersen (DPW), Kim Guldstrand Larsen (DEIS), Jesper Kjeldskov (HCC), Peter Axel Nielsen (HCC).

The full professors are research leaders that formulate the goals and strategies within the department’s research fields.

The main responsibilities for the research leader are to:

  • Motivate group researchers
  • Organize research and knowledge transfer/sharing, co-operation and to ensure an efficient research environment
  • Assist researchers in building up research projects
  • Generate research projects
  • Be responsible for the research evaluation every five year
  • Initiate research strategy for the department and the group in cooperation with the head of department
  • Provide the group researchers with access to his international network and assist in establishing international co-operation
  • Conduct yearly activities with group researchers determining their research plans

Group coordinators


Group coordinators : Kurt Nørmark (DPW), Jiri Srba (DEIS), Ivan Aaen (HCC) 

The group coordinators are responsible for the liaison between the research groups and the department. The group coordinators meet every other week with the head of the secretariat and the head of department. On these meetings information is exchanged and issues concerning everyday life in the department as well as long term strategic directions are discussed. The group coordinator takes care of daily management at the group level in a proactive way. Initiatives implemented by the group coordinator can be carried out by the group coordinator himself or can be delegated to other members of the group.

The main responsibilities for the group coordinator are to:

• Inform the group on a regular basis including both academic and administrative matters
• Manage the group’s grants for local expenses and for travel
• Introduce guests and new employees to the group
• Support a good working environment
• Execute and maintain the department’s strategy

The group coordinator manages the group’s grants for local expenses and travels. The size of the local grants is decided by the department budget and varies according to the number of scientific staff in the group.
Group coordinators are appointed by the head of department based on recommendation from the permanent staff in the group. The appointment period is three years and the current appointment period commenced on February 1st 2015.



The secretariat supports the department in all administrative tasks e.g. EU-matters, PR and communications, fundraising, financial management, educational planning and support, personnel administration.

In addition the secretariat provides general service to employees in connection with meetings.

 Head of Secretariat: Helle Westmark