The AI-ML team at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, is a multidisciplinary group of researchers working on various aspects of AI and machine learning. The team is organized by 14 permanent staff members and includes an additional 49 researchers ranging from PhD students to associate professors.

The team's research activities are focused on five main research pillars, including database technologies, formal methods, human-centred computing, knowledge engineering and web technologies, and machine learning and probabilistic methods.

The AI-ML team's research efforts are directed towards various application areas, including Intelligent transport systems, Energy systems, Bio-science and Digital health, Green transition, and Oceanographic research. The projects aim to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced in these areas using AI and machine learning technologies.

Furthermore, the AI-ML team is actively involved in the AI for the People Center's steering committee, which facilitates AI activities across all faculties at Aalborg University.


Associated researchers