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Department of Computer Science


A close cooperation with the IT-industry has always been important to the researchers at the Department of Computer Science. Over the years, we have often been successful in bridging research and application areas in collaboration with industry.

The department’s researchers are involved in a large number of research collaborations and are represented on external boards and committees at regional, national and international levels. In addition, several of the department’s researchers are involved in collaboration with private and public organisations and through these activities, they contribute with knowledge development regionally, nationally and internationally.

The department's Matchmaker is Tina Sihm, ts@cs.aau.dk, whom you can contact to get more information about collaborating with our researchers and students. You can also contact us through the research centres Center for Data-Intensive Systems, Center for Embedded Software systems, Research Center for Socio-Interactive Design or via the central University Matchmaking unit - see links to their respective websites below.

Center for Data-Intensive Systems

Center for Data-Intensive Systems

Daisy conducts leading-edge research within key areas of data-intensive systems. Daisy aims to be recognized and respected for its professionalism and leadership.



Center for Embedded Software Systems

Center for Embedded Software Systems

CISS interacts closely with a large number of Danish and international researchers working within our focus areas. We collaborate with a wide range of other research environments at Aalborg University, and with companies and research units all over the world. 


Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design

Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design

The Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design sees its primary goal as conducting and promoting research that integrates both the social and the interactive aspects of IT artefacts and services. S+I is between design and use and at the same time between processes and artefacts & services.


Matchmaking at Aalborg University provides easy access to university researchers and PhD students. Matchmakers are internal as well as external contact persons who will inform you of your possibilities and subsequently put you into contact with the relevant researchers from AAU.