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Close cooperation with the industry has always been important to researchers and students at the Department of Computer Science. Over the years, we have successfully bridged research and application areas in collaboration with partners from different industrial backgrounds.

Our researchers are involved in a large number of research collaborations and are represented on external boards and committees at regional, national and international levels. In addition, several researchers are involved in cooperation with private and public organisations, and through these activities, they contribute to knowledge development regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our students are some of the most sought-after collaborators. Every year, students from Computer Science collaborate with companies and public institutions as part of their education. Our students have high disciplinary expertise in their subjects and a wide range of general competencies related to group and project work. The most common cooperation activities are project collaborations or student internships.

Why collaborate with us?

Are you looking to move your company forward and take a scientific approach to issues facing your business? Research and student collaborations can be a great way to do this.

When you cooperate with us, you will have access to a vast amount of knowledge and assistance for testing and measuring.

Suppose you are looking for assistance to solve research and development tasks that require the weight characteristic of the academic world. In that case, you may employ an Industrial PhD student from AAU. 

We initiate, support and coordinate cooperation activities that ensure the right match between the company and the researchers or students before the cooperation begins. Please contact Jens Erik Pedersen to get more information and to discuss the many possibilities. 


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