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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Continuing education is open to graduates who have already completed an education and want to develop their competencies further by participating in a university part-time masters programme. At the department of computer science we offer a wide range of programmes in all major areas of ICT. Programmes are offered within "Business intelligence: Analyse af store databaser", Netværkssikkerhed, Data Science og Big Data, Modeldrevet, komponentbaseret udvikling af indlejret software, Database design, udvikling og optimering, Sikker softwareudvikling, Indlejret software til realtime- og IoT-systemer and interaction design and usability.

In the fall of 2018, we offer the following programmes under the IT-vest collaboration: (click the link to download a PDF on the programme)

> Modeldrevet, komponentbaseret udvikling af indlejret software

> Interaktionsdesign og usability-evaluering

> Databasedesign, udvikling og optimering

> Sikker softwareudvikling

Please consult this webpage (in Danish only) for more information on programmes, application deadlines and admission requirements.

Courses are planned with a combination of seminars on campus and ICT-supported activities, making it possible to combine a busy work life with university studies. An overview of all continuing education activities at Aalborg University is also available.  Please, feel free to contact us.


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