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Computer Scientist from AAU receives CONCUR Test-of-Time Award

Associate Professor Hans Hüttel receives the CONCUR Test-of-Time Award for his 1992 paper “Bisimulation Equivalence is Decidable for all Context-Free Processes”.

Last modified: 06.03.2020

In research, the results of today can become the technologies of tomorrow. To recognize earlier achievements that have stood the test of time, the Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR) has decided to introduce the CONCUR Test-of-Time Award.

Among the recipients of the first Test-of-Time Award is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Hans Hüttel.

He receives the award based on his paper from CONCUR 1992, ”Bisimulation Equivalence is Decidable for all Context-Free Processes", which he co-authored with Søren Christensen and Colin Stirling.

The authors receive the award for extending and simplifying the seminal result by Baeten, Bergstra and Klop, who proved the decidability of bisimilarity over normed context-free processes.

Hans Hüttel describes the results in his own words:

- The paper gives a mathematical proof that it is possible to predict if two programs of a particular kind behave in the same way. This can be extremely useful in several cases. For instance, if we want to replace an app on a smartphone with a new, optimized version of the same app, we want to make sure that the new version of the app will always give us the same results as the old one.

According to the jury for the CONCUR ToT award, the paper has paved the way to further decidability and complexity results for a variety of classes of infinite-state processes. 

The award will be handed over at the Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR) in Vienna in September 2020. 

Hans Hüttel adds:

- I am very honoured and incredibly proud that our early work has contributed to advancements in the field of theory of concurrency.



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