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Four gold medals in model checking contest

Professor Jiri Srba together with the TAPAAL team last week won no less than four gold medals at the prestigious Model Checking Contest.

Last modified: 15.04.2019

For the past six years, the TAPAAL team, headed by Professor Jiri Srba together with postdoc Peter G. Jensen, has taken part in the the esteemed Model Checking Contest. The first four years, they came home with silver medals, last year they were rewarded with two gold medals and one silver medal, and this year they almost cleared the board, taking a total of four gold medals out of six categories with the model checker TAPAAL.


TAPAAL is a tool for modelling, simulation and verification of timed-arc Petri nets, and around 35 developers have contributed to the TAPAAL code over the past 10 years. 


The Model Checking Contest is an annual scientific event which takes place at the Petri Net conference. A team of researchers compares tools in various categories according to selected benchmarks in order to identify best tools and the techniques that can handle given types of problems, for example reachability.

> See the results of this year's contest here

The TAPAAL project, which has run for the last 11 years, is headed by Professor Jiri Srba and it enjoys a massive student involvement and support. Details about the competition are available at the competition web-page.


Professor Jiri Srba srba@cs.aau.dk.