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Meet Andre Lamurias – new Postdoctoral Researcher in DW

Meet Andre Lamurias – new Postdoctoral Researcher in DW

As of February 2021, Andre Lamurias has joined the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Database and Web Technologies (DW) group. His area of research is biomedical data mining and natural language processing, using machine learning and ontologies.

The Database and Web Technology (DW) group at the Department of Computer Science welcomes Andre Lamurias as Postdoctoral Researcher. 

Andre Lamurias holds a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a Master's degree in bioinformatics and computational biology, both from the University of Lisbon. In 2019, he completed his PhD degree, also from Lisbon. His PhD project consisted of developing text-mining approaches for disease network discovery and systems biology. 

Describe your interest and area of research

My research interest is in processing large sets of unstructured data and extracting useful knowledge from them using computational methods. I have worked with textual documents, biomedical ontologies, and currently with genomics data.

Which current projects are you working on?

I am involved in the project "Data Science meets Microbial Dark Matter". There are millions of microbes that we cannot study because of the difficulty in growing them in a laboratory; we consider this "microbial dark matter". My objective is to recover these genomes from sequencing data with more efficiency using machine learning.

Why did you choose to continue your career at Aalborg University?

The project and the team were my primary motivation. Besides, Aalborg seemed like a great city to work in, and so far, my experience has been great.

Any fun facts?

I've been playing guitar for almost 20 years, and a few years ago, I also started singing in choirs.

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