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Meet Daniele Dell’Aglio – new Assistant Professor in DW

Meet Daniele Dell’Aglio – new Assistant Professor in DW

The Department of Computer Science welcomes Daniele Dell’Aglio. He is a new member of the Database and Web Technologies group, with a keen interest in querying, processing and privacy of dynamic web data.

The Database and Web Technology (DW) group at the Department of Computer Science welcomes Daniele Dell’Aglio as new Assistant Professor. Daniele holds a PhD degree from Politecnico di Milano, and he has worked as a postdoc researcher at the University of Zurich in the past years. Before, he was employed at the University of Aberdeen, IBM Research Ireland and CEFRIEL. 

Describe your interest and area of research
 - We live in a society pervaded by the web: from when we visit web sites to when we use our phones, we have continuous interactions with it, accessing and generating an unprecedented amount of data. Being able to analyse such data offers the opportunity to develop new services that improve our lifestyles. My main research interest is on analysing and querying web data, with a focus on graph-based data that evolves.

Which current projects are you working on?
 - I am currently studying the problem of privacy-preserving web data analytics. A large portion of the data out there is personal, and it often contains sensitive information. Such data are important in order to create personalised services and to learn about ongoing trends and phenomena in society. Still, at the same time, we must avoid misuses of data and privacy leaks. 

Why did you choose to continue your career at Aalborg University?
 - The Database and Web Technologies group at Aalborg University includes some of the most well recognized researchers in the area. Joining this group is an incredible opportunity for me to learn, while I, at the same time, hope to provide a valuable contribution based on my previous experience. 

I am also very excited about the teaching opportunities and look forward to gaining experience in problem-based learning, which is a very intriguing way to prepare students for their future careers. Furthermore, I look forward to experience living in Denmark: I read a lot about the country, and I have very high expectations about the quality of life here.

Any fun facts your new colleagues should know?
- I find working in coffeehouses very inspiring - I have written a number of articles there. I also collect Starbucks' cups of the places I visit, and I was upset when I discovered that there are no cups from Aalborg