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Meet Kasper Fromm Pedersen - New Academic Staff Member in the DW group

Meet Kasper Fromm Pedersen - New Academic Staff Member in the DW group

Please welcome Kasper Fromm Pedersen who has joined the Department of Computer Science as academic staff member in the DW group as of September 1, 2021.


- I focus on supporting research activities in the DW group. My core competence is software development which is also what I practice in projects I take part in.

PROJECTS you are involved in?

- At the time of writing, I work on a system named GoMap. The system detects traffic signs from geo tagged imagery collected by consumer grade cameras and smartphones. Traffic sign detections are stored in a data warehouse for later analysis. Already, GoMap is able to cluster traffics sign detections and afterwards place the physical traffic sign fairly accurately on a map.

Currently, we work on analyzing speed limit sign detections such speed limits can be mapped to road segments. The GoMap system has potential use cases such as asset management and self-driving vehicles. GoMap is being worked on as part of the RESPONS project.

In the near future, I will start working on the DIREC project.


  • I have a one year old daughter
  • I have a full electrician degree, but decided to follow my passion for computers
  • I have a bachelor in IT and a master CS(IT).
  • I like cooking



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