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At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Computer Science, one or more PhD stipends are available within the general study programme "Computer Science and Engineering". The stipends are open for appointment at the earliest from 15 July 2018 or soon thereafter.

Last modified: 28.05.2018


The topic of the PhD stipend is within Computer Science.

The PhD student will work on exploring and developing novel blockchain concepts, algorithms, technologies, systems, for applications in energy data management and the Semantic Web.  

It is a prerequisite that applicants have a strong background in computer science or a closely related field. Good grades and knowledge in relation to the research topic described above and strong implementation and communication skills are also required. In particular, the candidate should have a strong background in databases/data management, blockchain technology, and a very good level of written and spoken English. Additionally, a background in data integration, machine learning, Semantic Web technologies and distributed query processing is highly desirable.

The position is co-funded by two projects: GOFLEX ( and “Unleashing the Potential of Open Data” (AAU talent project). There will be specific tasks related to deliverables in these projects.

> See full job description and apply at AAU's website here

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