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At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Computer Science one or more positions as Professor with Specific Responsibilities in Computer Science are open for appointment starting January 1, 2019 or soon thereafter. The positions are open for a period of five years with a possible extension of up to an additional three years.

Last modified: 28.05.2018


The Department of Computer Science features a broad range of synergistic activities within research and education in the general area of computer science, including curiosity-driven research and targeted research in collaboration with industrial partners, as well as traditional university education, with a unique problem- and project-based focus, and continued education and knowledge dissemination.

The department encompasses three research groups:

Database, Programming and Web technologies with particular emphasis on data-intensive systems and platforms, spatio-temporal data management, data analytics and mining, programming technologies, and web science and engineering.

Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems with particular emphasis on foundational and logical theories, algorithms and tools for verification and validation, methodologies for real-time and embedded systems, networks and operating systems, probabilistic graphical models and machine learning.

Human-Centered Computing with particular emphasis on development and use of computerized systems in organizations, human-computer interaction, usability, interaction design, software development, and innovation.  

A position as Professor with specific responsibilities is temporary with focus on special responsibilities as well as ordinary professorship duties. Successful applicants are assigned to a research group at the Department based on their specific research profile. The special responsibilities encompass the strengthening of activities within the department’s research areas, including establishing a portfolio of externally funded projects. One position has as its special responsibility to establish and operationalize the new educations in data science.

The initial period of employment is five years, with a possible extension of up to an additional three years. At the end of the period, the special responsibilities are discontinued, and the employee is transferred to a position as associate professor.

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