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Researchers on the trail of covid-19: people have a civic duty to get tested

Researchers on the trail of covid-19: people have a civic duty to get tested

The next phase of the global battle against COVID-19 is in full swing, and huge testing facilities to monitor the rate of transmission are up and running. An entirely new simulation system can very accurately assess the development of epidemics and the effects of potential interventions. However, if the models are to work people cannot choose whether they want to be tested. This should be a civic duty so that we can get an accurate picture, the researchers say, and every year – just like in the military – major exercises should be held to assess whether we are prepared for future pandemics. The article is written by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Around the world, ordinary people during the COVID-19 lockdown have been transformed into amateur statisticians trying to understand and follow the development of the pandemic. Both the general public and decision-makers have very much needed some type of control and security. Where are we on the infection curve? Is the rate rising or falling? Using modelling and simulation, researchers have developed a system for controlling transmission and optimizing possible interventions against COVID-19.

Read the full interview with, among others, Professor Kim Guldstrand Larsen from the Department of Computer Science in the press release from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. 


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The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant of DKK 4,969,057 for the project Estimation, Simulation and Regulation for Optimal Interventions Related to COVID-19 in a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. The Poul Due Jensen Foundation awarded Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Jakob Stoustrup a grant of DKK 1,205,233 for the project BEO-COVID.


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