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After more than a year’s lockdown, students could be welcomed back on the Aalborg and Copenhagen campuses. The transition to a new reality was kicked off by a range of social activities and cooperation exercises.

Shared breakfast, a guided boat tour, funny cooperation exercises and stand up comedy with Geo were just some of the ingredients in a semester start where all sails had been set to give students a warm welcome to the new season. After more than a year’s lockdown, everybody had to move from a primarily virtual world to a physical presence, which to some could require some getting used to. The social activity part of the programme had therefore been given a serious boost, which according to input from the students turned out to be a huge success.

- The extra effort in terms of social activities was really great. It was so nice being able to just sit down and enjoy a breakfast shared with your fellow students, play games and get a beer or two. Being together with so many people again might be a challenge to some, so it was a good thing that you could stay around for as long as you wanted and just slip home when you felt like it, says Aster Vanman, who has just started on her third semester at Software in Aalborg.

Aster Vanman and Christian Ziegler Sejersen, both on third semester at Software, enjoyed a semester start where you could meet physically on campus.

Part of the programme consisted of joint exercises under the heading of “Cooperation, diversity and inclusion”. The exercises gave the students the opportunity to experience and train distribution of roles and group dynamics in a very concrete fashion.

To Christian Ziegler Sejersen, who is in the same study group as Aster, the exercises were a good experience – both with regard to the content and the social aspect of them:

- The cooperation exercises were very good, among other things because we were divided into teams allowing us to meet up with some of the people that we had never met in person. During the lockdown, we have only met physically with the other members of our study group, so it is really great to meet everybody else.

Common goals and responsibility are at the root of good cooperation, which the students experienced in a very tangible way during exercises.

With 377 bachelor degree students enrolling in 2021, the intake is almost at the same level as last year, which saw an extraordinary boost due to Covid-19. In contrast to last year, students could be given a warm welcome at the waterfront in both Copenhagen and Aalborg followed by introductions to the various study programmes.

Tutors showing some dance moves at the waterfront in Copenhagen.


Joint march through Aalborg to get to the study programme introductions.





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