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About Human-Centered Computing

About Human-Centered Computing (HCC)

Human-Centered Computing is one of three research groups at the Department of Computer Science. 

The research field is design, development and use of interactive computer systems. The research approach is empirical and experimental. The types of results include:

  1. Theoretical frameworks as contributions to understanding the field.
  2. Methodologies and techniques as contributions to guiding practical action.
  3. Changes as contributions to understanding and improving practice within the field.

The perspective is human-centered and it includes software development, digitalisation, human-computer interaction, interaction design, user experience, and innovation

Intellectual support is sought in adjacent disciplines: engineering, systems theory, organisation theory, sociology, media science, theory of research, and philosophy. The research approaches applied by the unit encompass action research, case research, laboratory experiments, and field studies and experiments.


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Photo of Ivan Aaen,  Department of Computer Science, AAU

ivan aaen
group coordinator

Phone: 9940 8911

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