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On this page, you can see the organisation of the study management at the Department of Computer Science. The department has appointed career VIPs and study programme coordinators across all study programmes. Descriptions of the roles of study programme coordinators, study programme groups and career VIPs can be found on this page. 


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    The Study Management Group (ULG)

    The Study Management Group (ULG) consists of the following members:

    • Peter Axel Nielsen, Head of Department 
    • Uffe Kjærulff, Deputy Head of Department
    • Ulrik Nyman, Vice Head of Study
    • Lone Leth Thomsen, Study Board Chairman
    • Lene Winther Even, Coordinator of the Study Team
    • Diana Plejdrup Frank, Management Support 

    ULG meets approximately once a month on Tuesdays to discuss and coordinate study management related matters.​

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    Study Board of Computer Science

    The Study Board of Computer Science is responsible for the bachelor's and master's programmes within Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, Informatics, Information Technology, Interaction Design and IT, Design and Application Development.

    The tasks of the study board include study curricula, study guidance, quality assurance as well as treatment of applications for credit and exemption.

    The study board consists of the following elected members:

    • Lone Leth Thomsen (chairman)
    • Anders Rysholt Bruun
    • Hans Hüttel
    • Peter Gjøl Jensen
    • Tem Frank Andersen
    • + 5 students

    Visit the Study Board website

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    Study programme coordinators

    The task and role of the study programme coordinator is to support the development of the study programmes and to keep overview of contents, coherence and progression between the modules and semesters of the programmes including the progression between bachelor’s and master’s programmes. See the complete role description of the study programme coordinators and groups.

    Study programme coordinators

    • DAT Coordinator: Christian Thomsen 
    • SW AAL Coordinator: Ulrik Nyman 
    • SW CPH Coordinator: Peter Axel Nielsen
    • BAIT/INF Coordinator: John Persson
    • DAD Coordinator: Dimitrios Raptis
    • IxD Coordinator: Mikael Skov
    • DVML Coordinator: Thomas D. Nielsen
    • CS-IT Coordinator: Bent Thomsen
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    Study Programme Groups (UG's)

    The study programme groups are appointed by the department and are managed by the study programme coordinators. The study programme coordinators participate in specific meetings in the Study Management Group (ULG). The study programme groups solves tasks for the study board when needed. These tasks comprise work with study curricula, advising the study board in educational matters, review of information material, advising study programme coordinators about teaching related matters. See the complete role description of the study programme coordinators and groups.


    DAT/SW/CS-IT-UG: Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Computer Science (DAT), Computer Science (IT) and Software Engineering (SW)

    • DAT coordinator: Christian Thomsen
    • CS (IT) coordinator: Bent Thomsen  
    • SW AAL coordinator: Ulrik Nyman 
    • SW CPH coordinator: Peter Axel Nielsen 

    BAIT/INF-UG: Bachelor’s programmes in Information Technology (BAIT/INF) and master’s programmes in Informatics

    • BAIT/INF coordinator: John Persson 
    • Brian Nielsen 
    • Anders Bruun 
    • Jilin Hu 
    • 2 representatives from the Department of Communication and Psychology 
    • 2 representatives from the Department of Politics and Society 

    DAD-UG: Master’s programmes in Digitilization and Application Development (DAD)

    • DAD coordinator: Dimitrios Raptis 
    • Giorgio Bacci 
    • Daniele Dell’Aglio 

    IxD-UG: Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Interaction Design (IxD)

    • IxD coordinator: Mikael Skov 
    • Anders Bruun 
    • 2 representatives from Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology 

    DVML-UG: Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Data Science and Machine Learning (DVML)

    • DVML coordinator: Thomas D. Nielsen 
    • Simonas Saltenis 
    • Matteo Lissandrini
    • Bent Thomsen 
    • Søren Byg Vilsen (MATH)
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    Career VIPS

    At the department of Computer Science we have an Industry Ambassador (Jens Erik Pedersen) who acts as liaison officer between the department and the industry for scientific staff as well as for students. The role includes the function known as "career VIP" in other departments. The career VIPs at AAU are the driving forces for creating awareness about career opportunities among students, including contact to industry and AAU Career. In general, the purpose of the career VIP is to ensure more integration and anchoring of the students' career related awareness and reflections throughout the study. See the Danish version of the role description for the career VIP.

    The role of the career VIP

    The role of the career VIP is to act as:

    • Promoter of a culture with employability focus at the study programmes throughout the entire study, starting at the first year of studies of the bachelor's programmes
    • Developer of awareness of career opportunities among students, possibly supported by AAU Career
    • ​Facilitator, coordinator and contact person for the industry and AAU Career

    Examples of actual activities and functions:

    • The career VIP is expected to coordinate work with AAU Career to ensure that the employability efforts are mutually qualified​
    • ​Participation in knowledge sharing and development meetings with career VIPs from other study programmes facilitated by AAU Career

    Career activities always involve career VIPs and can be carried through and held in several ways, e.g in cooperation with.:

    • AAU Career, AAU Alumni or other (external) agents (e.g., unemployment funds, trade unions, job centers etc.)
    • AAU Match or SEA
    • ​Other career VIPs

    The career-promoting activities are coordinated with relevant study programme coordinators.

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