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Research at the department of computer science

At the Department of Computer Science, the leading researchers work to address major scientific challenges and develop solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society. This is done across three research groups that together create knowledge in mutually binding collaborations with both internal and external partners

Our core research areas are:

  • Embedded Software Systems
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Data-intensive Systems 
  • Big data
  • Analytics for spatio-temporal and multi-dimensional data
  • System development
  • Human-AI interaction
  • Human-centred computing  
  • Interaction design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Did you know?

  • The two Danish computer scientists with the highest quality and relevance based on citations are both with our department
  • AAU is the highest-ranked university in Denmark in computer science, measured either on the total number of publications or number of publications among the 10% most cited publications in the area 
  • We have extensive collaboration with Danish and international companies, and staff members are active on national and international boards and regularly recognised with prestigious awards, appointments, and honours
  • We are home to the world-leading centre for research and innovation in embedded software systems (CISS)
  • We are recognised for outstanding research and innovation in data-intensive systems (Daisy) and for research in design and use of interactive systems (HCC)
  • The world-leading model-checking tool for real-time systems is developed at the department (UPPAAL)


Research groups

Visit the website of the research group Database and Web Technologies

DW - Database and web technologies

Database and Web Technologies is one of the three research groups at the Department of Computer Science. The group covers web science and engineering and data management and analysis.

Visit the DW website

Visit the DEIS website


The Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems (DEIS) research group covers mathematical foundation, verification tools, validation methodologies, probabilistic graphical models and machine learning focusing on distributed, embedded and intelligent systems.

Visit the DEIS website

Visit the website of the research group HUMAN-CENTERED COMPUTING (HCC)


Human-Centered Computing is one of three research groups at the Department of Computer Science. The research field is design, development, and use of interactive computer systems. The research approach is empirical and experimental. 

Visit the HCC website



interdisciplinary teams

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI∙ML)

The team Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI∙ML) gathers researchers from three research units at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, all working with different aspects of AI and machine learning.

Visit the AI-ML website

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