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Our research subjects are software, use and performance of software as well as information and data. In particular, research is carried out in use of software in organisations, software engineering, management of software engineering, human-computer interaction, programming and languages, data management, data analysis and data mining, techniques for decision support, machine learning, autonomous agents, networks and protocols, techniques and models for distributed and parallel software and tests.

database, Programming AND WEB Technologies (DPW)

Covers data management and techniques and tools for data access, as well as the design, implementation, and application of programming languages and their environments and tools.


Covers in particular the development and application of computerised systems in organisations.

distributed,Embedded and intelligent systems (DEIS)

Covers real-time and distributed systems, networks, formalisms for the description and analysis of computer systems, tools for verification and validation.


Read all our research evaluations from 1991 to the most recent one from 2015.

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